Artificial intelligence … and all that jazz : Introduction (1/n)

Photo by Gertrūda Valasevičiūtė on Unsplash

These series of blogs are the journey of an engineer, entrepreneur who has seen multiple waves of innovation and technologies to arrive at the latest ultimate frontier of tech world, the Artificial Intelligence(AI).

The fundamental requirement and need for any Artificial Intelligence system is data.

We would take a snapshot of some of the exciting data generating technologies and data consuming applications.

Trying to analyze from different viewpoints namely, R&D, deployment strategy, the skills required, commercialization, how they are doing till date, developers thoughts etc.

We would consolidate few takeaways and models, and see how they all combine and contribute to form an AI ecosystem. I would be taking the examples of the technologies where I have had the first-hand experience.

1. Image Processing, Machine Vision

2. Audio processing

3. Video and 3D TV

4. Advanced Computing, GPUs

5. Strategic Marketing

6. Internet of things

7. AI and ML on the edge

8. Start-up and funding

9. Summary

Although my views would be in the context of my job roles and the business objectives at that point, but they should still resonate with thousands of engineers who would have undergone the similar journey, different vehicles, different routes but same technology.

Brief introduction about me, I am based in Delhi NCR- India. Have over 20 years of experience in high tech industry, almost mostly linked with embedded products : design, development, strategic marketing and a start-up. Have worked in diverse application areas like machine vision based automation, consumer electronics — Set top box, mobile, 3D-TV, advanced computing, internet of things — telehealth, smart utilities, logistics and tracking. Currently I am undertaking a role of a Director Technology in a start-up Crosslynx.

Crosslynx is headquartered in US and develops solutions around IOT (Device & Data as a Service) in Track and Trace domain to create value through Intelligent Data Extraction of IOT devices, at lowest total cost of ownership. By designing and developing sophisticated end nodes and its management software which employs intelligence on the edge.