Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (a Course by Google)-Review & Outline

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What’s the use of developing the product if it can’t be marketed or sold globally?

In my quest to learn about digital marketing and the fact that you don’t need to spend vast sums of money on an MBA to learn the basics of digital marketing. There are plenty of resources on the web to teach you about the many aspects and specializations within this ever-changing field. However getting through the right content itself is a daunting task.

During my search for “best free online digital marketing course” I came across this very useful link and somehow, without any prejudice I decided to go ahead with the recommendation. The first course was Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google.

The course comprises of 26 modules divided into 7 subtopics and takes roughly 40 hours — it took more time for me, frankly sometimes it gets painful to watch the videos at normal speed and answer the questions to get the certification and achievement badge.

Here’s the mind map of the course content.

To summarize my experience after taking this course and certificate are the following

1. Provides a roadmap for someone new in this field, so it’s a very good free course

2. This course in no ways can land anyone into job, might help in interviews.

3. For each of the 7 subsections you need to get into more depth by actual implementation, gain expertise in one or many tools recommended.

4. Probably by using this outline one can directly jump to relevant in depth courses.

5. The most useful part of the whole course was the additional links which I am sharing below. I think this would give the reader some depth into the subject.

Finally, I feel sense of achievement on completing a course, and can confidently navigate through the social media jargon. However to be able to manage teams and guiding them for breakthrough results would mean I have to get my hands dirt and work on each of the aspects to ace the game.

Additional Web links

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1. Take a business online

· Digital marketing jargon buster

· What you need to know about online marketing

· KPIs: An essential framework

· Strategyzer

· Strides App

· Google Keyword Planner

· Bing Keyword Research

· YouGov Profiles

· Answer the Public

· Google My Business

· Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

· Is your website ready to deliver results?

2. Make it easy for people to find a business on the web

· Search engine optimisation jargon buster

· Search engine marketing jargon buster

· Find out how your ad is doing

· Google Trends

· Create effective ads


3. Reach more people locally, on social media or on mobile

· Google Analytics

· Google Data Studio

· Google Analytics Academy

· Consumer Barometer

· CoSchedule

· Copy Blogger

· Grammarly

· YouTube

· The Content Strategist Blog

· YouGov Profiles

· Content Marketing Institute

· Content Marketing Ideas

· Smart Phone Tips

· TestMySite

· GTmetrix

· PageSpeed

· Web Page Test

· Mobile Usability Report in Google Search Console

· Mobile-Friendly Test

4. Reach more customers with advertising

· Web analytics jargon buster

· Remarketing Best Practices

· Put Your Best Image Ad Forward








5. Track and measure web traffic

· Tableau

· Google Sheets

· G Suite Learning Center

· Google Webmasters

· Google Analytics Help Center

· Google Data Studio

6. Sell products or services online

· e-commerce jargon buster

7. Take a business global

· Digital marketing jargon buster




Innovator |IoT Product {Conception, Management}|ML/AI on the Edge | Image Processing| Audio| Semiconductors| LinkedIn:

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Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta

Innovator |IoT Product {Conception, Management}|ML/AI on the Edge | Image Processing| Audio| Semiconductors| LinkedIn:

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